Driven by passion, a persistent urge to exceed and a relentless need to succeed, the team at Kavasa is committed to delighting clients always.

Exceeding Expectations

In this experience economy, it is normal to go beyond the standard call of duty to make everyone happy.

Treating Right

We treat customers and employees better than they expect to be treated.

We ❤️ low overheads

We build on serverless and managed platforms so that people can manage less and work more. 

Everyone does support

Every employee does support. This is by design. Support is not a department's job but everyone's  job.

Why we’re loved by all

Calm Environment

We do not believe in crazy stressful work. A calm healthy workplace is what we are.

We work remotely

Physical locations do not define us. We work on the cloud, from the cloud.

Handholding to success

Our job is never done until the customer is happy.

About us

We are a passionate group of strategists, visionaries, technologists, marketers, designers and doers pursuing ways to connect brands and consumers.

Our team is highly adept at solving complex problems utilizing the convergence of top-line subject matter expertise and leading-edge technology solutions, empowering decision-makers to make better decisions.

Our collective intelligence helps brands being pushed beyond the realms of expectation.

Our Values


We proudly uphold the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, while remaining fair and ethical in even the most difficult situations


Our passion drives us to ensure that our time and effort invested in every project delivers superior result in a professional manner.


The quality of our people & excellence of our operations lead to laudable outputs for our customers who are delighted always.


We work hard to create value, deliver results, and continuously bring growth to our customers. We shall forever be looking for new uncharted avenues to help create inspired, visionary solutions for our business partners.